Discover shows and movies

In the Apple TV app, tap Watch Now, then do any of the following:

  • See what’s up next: In the Up Next row, find titles you recently added, rented, or purchased, catch the next episode in a series you’ve been watching, or resume what you’re watching from the moment you left off.
  • Get recommendations: Browse the What to Watch row for editorial recommendations that are personalized for you. Many rows throughout the app feature personalized recommendations based on your channel subscriptions, supported apps, purchases, and viewing interests.
  • Browse Apple TV+: In the Apple TV+ row, tap a title to see more information or play a trailer.
  • Browse channels: Scroll down to browse channels you subscribe to. In the Channels row, browse other available channels, then tap a channel to explore its titles.
  • Watch live news: (available in select countries or regions) Tap TV shows at the top, scroll down to the News row, then choose a news channel.

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