Trouble Shooting your Wi-Fi

If your Wi-Fi stops performing try rebooting; Switch it off or even unplug it, leave for a few seconds and then plug it in and restart

Check your Wi-Fi Signal. It may not reach the full extent of the house. If your Modem / Router is a few years old it may be time to upgrade as technology moves forward very quickly.
Think about investing in a Mesh system, this consists of a router that connects directly to your modem and a series of satellite modules placed around the house for full Wi-Fi coverage. These are all part of a single wireless network sharing the same wireless network name (SSID), and password.

Make sure your wi-fi is locked with a unique password. If you think it has been used by someone else change your password.

Your Router has places to plug in your devices such as your printer, computer, smart TV and telephone line using an ethernet cable, and even surveillance cameras. This will give a stronger more reliable connection than Wi-Fi.

Printers: There are two main types of printers, Laser plus Inkjet, Laser has always seen to be better quality printing but these days with the Inkjets, the resolution and colour quality have greatly improved. Cartridges are often more expensive than the printer. Generic cartridges are much cheaper but beware the manufacturer”s warranty may become void.

Check where your printer sits, if it gets too hot this can dry out the cartridge. If your printer is jamming often, this can be due to quality of paper. It’s not always good to buy the cheapest paper, or maybe the room is a little damp and the paper is too moist. If you are having a problem with your printer think about replacing rather than fixing due to the progress in technology. Wireless connection is important but if you can plug your printer into your router and then using Wi-Fi for printing from your laptop, phone etc, this will work better.

Troubleshooting your Printer: Once we had to worry about updating the drivers on our printer periodically, which you would find out when it stopped working. Now your printer will do it automatically.
If there is a problem, usually turning it off, leaving for 30 seconds then turning on again will fix the problem. Try going to Google and asking “update driver on Brother 2456”, or YouTube the problem, there is bound to be a few ideas on how to solve the problem. If all else fails it is time to buy a new printer.

Things to Consider When Buying a New Printer: You can spend anything from $70 to $2000. Think about what you need your printer for: quality, black and white or colour capable, wireless, double-sided printing, scanning, or printing A3. Before buying check out lots of reviews online to get a feeling of how the printer performs, setting up, ease of use and any problems.

When you buy a new printer the ink cartridge is often only half full and won’t last long, check out the availability and cost of replacement ink cartridges.

When replacing your printer think about looking at models that use the same ink cartridges that your last printer used so as not to waste any cartridges you may have already bought.

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