What is SeniorNet?

SeniorNet gives older adults an opportunity to get on the Internet, learn about devices, how to use them, what they can offer and learn more about communication and information technology. It is a voluntary organisation for people over the age of 50 who would like to learn more about computers and what they can do, from word-processing through to surfing the internet. Mobile phones are a high priority for tuition.

Many older people may feel they’re being left behind by technology and the computer age. SeniorNet brings them together with computers in a friendly, fun and stress-free way.

Throughout New Zealand SeniorNet has established Learning Centres in which classes are offered on a wide variety of computer topics, to meet the needs of the members by using voluntary teachers in the same age group, many of whom have graduated from the same courses, encouraging members to learn computer skills at their own pace.

There are over 50 SeniorNet groups established throughout New Zealand and each Learning Centre is run by a management team who organise all aspects of their own Learning Centre.

The Federation of SeniorNet Societies was established in 2006 to support the learning activities with resources and funding.


SeniorHangouts is a Virtual Learning Centre of SeniorNet New Zealand. It was conceptualised in 2020 to mitigate constraints due to COVID pandemic. 

SeniorHangouts is a stand-alone mobile and tablet application where members of SeniorNet can get access technological courses from the comfort of their homes.

Hangouts run 7 days a week and offers wide variety of courses including Entertainment, Social Media, Connecting with friends and family, Online shopping and finances, Online Government services, Cybersecurity and safe internet practices, Productivity and Utility tools, Gadgets and Devices, Special Interest Groups and many more exciting latest technological topics.

SeniorHangouts connects about 8500 SeniorNet members belonging to 56 and growing Learning Centres spread all over New Zealand.

Hangouts started its trial run through its pilot scale from Nov 2020 and since then has hosted more than 450 sessions covering over 200 topics impacting over 3000 seniors. SeniorHangouts typically offers small bite sized learning of 30 minutes sessions.

SeniorHangouts has been conceptualised by its new Executive Officer Heather Newell and has been built on a generous donation by Google Inc. Dr Vinay Karanam has detailed and strategised the end-to-end project. SeniorNet board consisting of 8 regional reps from different regions of New Zealand has supported SeniorHangouts at every stage. 

You can connect to the sessions without having the Zoom application on your device, you can choose to join from the browser itself. 

Link for connecting to the sessions:

passcode: SH123

or without the passcode

All the sessions are recorded and are available for viewing. 

For accessing all previous recordings on SeniorHangouts


Please see our What’s Happening Page for upcoming SeniorHangouts sessions:

SeniorHangouts is going to be available only to SeniorNet members.

if you would like to become a member, visit our Membership page.

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