What's Happening

We publish a monthly newsletter which will keep you informed of our sessions for the month to follow.

Throughout the year we will have speakers and tutors of interest and relevant to what’s happening.

With The Racquet Club, we have also jointly purchased an 85 inch Samsung Television to aid with teaching.
This is state of the art technology, offering our members excellent tuition capabilities.

We are delighted to announce that Noel Leeming are again going to 
run a series of refresher courses on the following dates
These sessions will start at 10.30 am and run for an hour then question time

Wednesday 1st June  – Social media
Wednesday 15th June – Online security
Wednesday 29th June – Broadband & Wi-Fi
Wednesday 3rd August – Home security cameras & door locks
Wednesday 17th August – Windows 11
Wednesday 31st August – Smart TV & Streaming
Wednesday 14th September- Apple devices
Wednesday 28th September – Android use

All welcome and bring your friends

Coffee and teas are always available and we welcome you to come and chat with us!


Noel Leeming are one of our Sponsors and are continuing to run very informative tutorials.

Westpac are also one of our sponsors and they will be running sessions for us throughout the year.

AMI insurance are also a sponsors and are offering us free membership of SeniorNet if we Insure through them.

Benefitz www.mylifestorybook.co.nz

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